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Pre-Service Music Educator

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Technology in Music Education: Reflection of Showcase/Performance

Overall the presentation was successful, although I did get nervous on stage, as I followed some amazing projects, and I had a killer migraine on the night. The song went quite smoothly, one of the best run throughs I had done, and I received some very nice comments. I definitely think I achieved the parameters…

Technology in Music Ed: Final Run Through!

This project has been a very enjoyable experience, satisfying my creative needs, as well as improving my skills. I definitely feel a more versatile performer and musician since learning Ableton, sampling, performing with a Midi Keyboard and trying to under take a different style to what i am usually comfortable in. I have successfully practiced,…

Technology in Music Ed: Getting familiar with Midi Keys

I’ve chosen to perform my song I make with the help of my midi keyboard, novation launch-key 49, as this also has faders for each channel as well as a push pad for each channel, which I can use to start and stop different tracks. I have used the midi keyboard before, but purely as…

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